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Husband | Father | Small Business Owner | Lifelong Northeast Lincoln Resident

“I have decided to run now to provide my children and my community with the best opportunities for the future. Northeast Lincoln has been my home throughout my entire life and I want to do my part in ensuring it is able to prosper just as other parts of our city have been able to. I am excited to get out and listen to the citizens of District 1, hear their ideas, discuss their issues, and build coalitions to advance Northeast Lincoln. I hope to earn your vote.”


Taylor is a lifelong Northeast Lincoln Resident. He and his wife Brooke have two young children, Wells and Ellison. 


After graduating from Lincoln Lutheran, Taylor attended the University of Nebraska - Lincoln where he received a Bachelors of Arts degree in Education and Human Sciences. 


Taylor is a former teacher and baseball coach and knows the importance of investing in our future and our communities. He is also the former Government Affairs Director for the Home Builders Association which has given him a first hand look at the struggles facing Lincoln as our citizens look for affordable quality housing. 


Together with his wife Brooke, Taylor is a Realtor and operates a small business in Northeast Lincoln.

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